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A visionary. A designer. A true bad b*#@h. Seriously.


Jersey-born and raised, Hampton University educated, and well versed in the design field,

Ania (ah-nee-ah) Nicole is your go-to girl. Poised, professional, and persistent, Ania Nicole has a passion for design that developed in 2009 when she began designing MySpace pages for her friends. In 2014, Ania Nicole was able to identify her passion, hon in on her focuses and learn more necessary skills to become a better designer. Ania Nicole is a one of a kind individual; despite her authentic name, her mannerisms, ambition, and outlook on life set her apart from others.


While in undergrad, Ania Nicole interned with the National Institute of Aerospace, Hampton University’s Center for Atmospheric Education and Research, and began her freelance career as the public relations specialist for Miss Virginia USA 2016, Desiree Williams. She polished her skills while serving as an Account Executive and Web Design Lead for BRAND757 and volunteering with the NJ-based non-profit organization, Up Rising Stars Inc., as their Public Relations Specialist.


In April 2017, Ania Nicole had the idea to start taking on more clientele, providing more services, and reaching a larger audience, thus Ania Nicole Public Relations was born. Under the umbrella of ANPR, Ania Nicole assisted entrepreneurs, businesses, and individuals with creating valuable content that would reach their target audience in an effective, visually-appealing fashion. In May 2018, she expanded her expertise and began offering web design, branding, and editorial services to clients in

Virginia, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and California.


Ania Nicole is passionate about all things STEM/ STEAM related and uses her science communication and graphic design skills to disseminate difficult information to audiences of all ages that resonates well with them. After graduation, she was hired at the National Institute of Aerospace as a Program Support Assistant where she assisted with the implementation of 3 NASA-sponsored higher education programs.

Ania Nicole is passionate about all things design and has a strong suit for helping brands define and share their stories. Her experiences have helped shape her into a well-rounded designer who can help with a variety of your needs. Connect with her today!

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